When you are setting a price, what does ‘unique contact’ mean?


We bill for each unique contact that you send an email to in a month. A unique contact just means a single email address. For example, if you send out an email to your list of 50 people, and you send to that list 30 times in a month, we will only bill you for sending it to the 50 contacts (remember, sending to under 100 contacts per month is FREE!). However, if you send to 50 different contacts 30 times, resulting in 50x30 or 1500 unique contacts, then we would billed for 1500 unique contacts.



What if I have 10,000 contacts in my account, but don’t send any emails. Will I still get billed?


No. Unlike most companies, we do not bill you for the number of contacts you have in the system. We only bill for the unique contacts you actually emailed in that month. So, if you only email 5,000 of your contacts, you will only be billed $39 for that month.



If I send a newsletter email that needs to go out today, can I be sure it will be sent on the same day?


99% of the time the PostalParrot email queue will be small enough so that emails will send the same day. However on occaison there is a large server load which may cause the email to be delayed longer. For those with an ApogeeINVENT website you can set the priority on an important email to help ensure it is put at the front of your queue and therefore has a higher likelyhood of being sent immediately. If you do not have an ApogeeINVENT website please contact us for details.



How long does it take an email to reach my recipients?


On average it takes less than 2 minutes between when an email is scheduled to be sent and when it is received by the contact.



Can I tell if my emails are being read, or even reaching my recipients?


PostalParrot has an email-read tracking system that will show you an estimate of the percentage of the emails that have been viewed. Tou can view this in the reports section. This is only an estimation because there is no legal way to guarantee the tracking of email views. To track this we utilize a legal method based on unique image embedding, however this tracking method may be disabled by the recipient.



Can I set up emails to send every day automatically without actually logging in and sending them?


You may schedule any email to be sent in the future, however re-occuring emails (aka drip emails) are currently only available to customers who have an ApogeeINVENT website. Please contact us for details on how to get this enabled for your email campaigns.



Can I use my own email template / images?


Yes! the Email Builder allows you to paste in HTML templates from any outside source.



I want my newsletter to be completely custom, and to match my letterhead. I also need some flyers to go with it. Can you help me with that?


Yes! Postal Parrot, through its parent company ApogeeINVENT, employs experienced web designers. We offer a variety of custom design packages for companies that want a completely original design for their email campaigns. Please contact us to see examples and get pricing details!



Do I need to log in to Postal Parrot every time to check on the status or send a new email?


No. You can use our API Documentation to set up our email system to be managed directly through your website. This option will allow you to fully integrate any 3rd party website or marketing system with the powerful PostalParrot Email Marketing System. Please contact us to get an API authorization key and instructions.